Using S-Miner
S-Miner is not a tool but an application framework. It provides you with an environment in which all your tools will think and behave in an integrated way, in accordance with your own ways and procedures...

S-Miner has one main feature, learning your methods, your practices, your documents layouts, your traceability and quality metrics; it will offer you back an environment where you will find a set of tools which will optimize your daily workload. All this in a point-and-click / context menus way.

A bit of history
S-Miner development started in 1999.
The initial objective of the tool was to provide any system engineer with an integrated environment which should provide enough customisation features to be adaptable to whatever process or method used.

Therefore S-Miner had to address each engineering activity :
  • stakeholder analysis,
  • requirement engineering,
  • business processes modelling,
  • services modelling,
  • functional analysis,
  • architectural design,
  • data modelling,
  • HMI modelling
  • ...

  • Each of these domains has been addressed with the objective of identifying existing and/or possible bridges between all of them in order to maintain and keep an overall design traceability and consistency.

    In order to ensure that S-Miner could be used in any kind of situation, and that it was not bind to a particlular business area (IT,distributed system,...), we have always strived to use S-Miner on the widest possible scope of projects such as : IT projects in finance and aeronautics sectors, web site development, satellite platform specification, Hardware/Software distributed systems ...

    All these projects have provided feedbacks that were integrated in the development process of S-Miner, taking into account our main principle : "Keep it simple, make the best use of the theory, and, above all, keep it pragmatic".
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