Client feedback
French civil aviation authority (DGAC)

"The two strongest points of this tool are its capacity for adaptation to our praxis and scope of work and its ability to deal with both graphical and natural language."
"The only thing the tool requires is for the users to be rigorous."

Louis Urios (DO/3a/DIR)

French space research institute (Office Nationale d'études et de Recherches Aérospatiales : ONERA)

"The main benefit of this solution is the way the tool helps structuring and clarifying thinking. We also appreciate the tool's multi-location information sharing capability and its ability to publish documents automatically."

Christophe Chappet (IT system overhaul manager)

Parel (Société Général Securities Services clearing house subsidiary)

"The tool helped implementing the method and improving the overall level of efficiency which allowed integrating its cost without increasing the forecasted budget."
"The tool is easy to learn and helps its users focusing on key information."
"The enterprise knowledge base is fed in the course of projects completion. The efforts made on a project are capitalized on a wider basis above and beyond the project itself."
" Promoting practical experience as a starting point helps driving the teams in an improvement process and reducing resistance to change. The training approach goes beyond the criticising of past methods but rather allows the arising of new and better ways."

Jean-Jacques Fradet (Information system director of PAREL, a Société Générale subsidiary)

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